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And so, seeing as though they become very quickly attached and find the partner to be an indispensable presence in their lives, it then becomes apparent how they can be so devoted.

Pisces: February 20-March 20

In fact, routine helps to create that bond between man and woman, just as much as talking to one another does. Wishing to lead a good life, the Pisces of the 1st decan chooses to seek comfort and health about all else.

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It does not make them, however, act in a selfish way towards others, or in general. On the contrary, they are one of the most selfless and generous people out there, capable of even personal sacrifices in order to help someone in need. Pisces Decan 2: March 1 st — 10 th The influence the Moon has on the Pisces of the second decan deals with family relations and how they perceive them.

It could pose a serious problem to leave the protective and comfortable space that their parents raised them in, but that is also the only way one could develop and achieve greatness. Establishing their own family and caring for the loved ones will help alleviate that rupture though.

Second decan | All Scorpio, all the time | Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo

Born from the union of the Moon and Neptune, these natives are exceptionally sensitive and insightful towards the presence of others. And they can adapt to any social situation, be it formal or informal, through the sheer power of imagination and ingenuity alone. For this Pisces , everything around them has a certain beauty contained in it. They can see the world for what it is, but that does not stop them from standing in awe at the grand spectacle of life. Art, sculpture, painting, music, intelligent people, are but a few of the things that enrapture them.

This perspective and appreciation for the small things determines their attraction for like-minded people, those who can take a breather and smell the blooming trees in spring, or admire the dainty splendor of a riverside. These activities can maintain their attention for hours on end, and one should keep in mind that a Pisces finds comfort and relaxation this way.

Endowed with tremendous imaginative and creative potential, these natives basically have the recipe for success. Money, love, friends, fame, and more, can be theirs if they only allow themselves a few moments to visualize what is really important. Some even say that the Universe conspires and is directly responsible for their achievements.

Pisces Decan 3: March 11 th — 20 th If the Pisces of the second decan had an outstanding potential, being a dreamer to be more precise, then what we have here can only be described as straight-up genius. Nothing is out of his reach and he has all the cards to succeed. Ability, grit, ambition, perseverance, imagination, you name it. Beware, however, of a tendency to ask more than you seem willing to give when it comes to starting a long-term project.

Accept reducing the wind in your sails a little the 10th and lowering your tone the 12th as well as closely observing what accentuates the confusion in your mind the 13th!

Pisces Decan I

Enough 14th to favorably influence those who hold the power and the money! May: 1st decan: A boiling mind the 8th , ideas that fuse, and an originality that makes a difference but could also seduce something or someone? An unprecedented meeting that is even surprising could shake up your feathers and move you around the 18th! Whether it is intellectual, emotional, or professional, expect it to make an impact compared to your usual favorites! You will be able to count on an outstanding mental state to relay intuitions, an inspiration, and an ideal which lives in you the 9!

Same thing around the 16th and the 30th if you agree to keep your feet on the ground. Because if you have a prolific imagination and boundless enthusiasm, it is not sure that you share your optimism in family where you will be asked to go back down to earth on the 30th! At the very end of the month the 31st , if you are a bit reasonable, you may well be able to achieve your goals in the long run! Bet on your talents to successfully seduce your hierarchy on the 3rd and 9th but if you persist in ignoring the limits imposed, you may be disappointed and finish the month a little frustrated!

June: 1st decan: Between the 4th and 10th, count on Mercury to boost your creativity and your desire to shine in society and you could well make sparks around the 7th! You will overflow with ideas all more brilliant than the others and will thirst to share them with your interlocutors who could well turn into ardent admirers pronto!

Same at the end of the month, from the 21st, when the Sun strengthens your ability to please, attract, and hold the attention of all thanks to your originality coupled with a power of seduction that is almost irresistible the 27th! If you aspire to live a perfect harmony in your exchanges, however, try to remain lucid and not overestimate your ability to enchant the world if you do not want to flop on the 9th! You may be a little too mobilized by your professional goals and their promises. In June you will need to keep your feet on the ground in all areas.

Astro- Weekly: 2nd Decan Of Pisces March 1st - 9th 2019

Enough to avoid taking off without belt and then at your own risk the 16th! However, rely on Saturn to revise the shot and reduce the wind in your sails on the 18th! Just what makes your projects come true! The full moon on the 17th places your professional activities on the front line and invites you to exploit your talents and fully express your desire to be recognized and loved the 18th!

No no longer a question of merging with the masses but of distinguishing yourself from the lot! However, be careful not to disturb the game by claiming your rights too much at the risk of damaging your image and plunging your interlocutors into doubt! July: 1st decan: Exchanges that drag on in the office or questions of stewardship that do not find answers from the 7th? You will not hope to resume or end the debate before next month! This will not prevent you from vigorously defending your point of view on the 8th. Also today, count on an interesting meeting, a creative communication or any other form of contact Ditto at the end of the month the 29th where, if you want to stand out too much, your initiatives could disturb and parasitize the atmosphere!

Expect to be a little frustrated on the 9th and 17th with a climate that tends to slow down your momentum and limit your speed. Fortunately, you will know on the 11th and 18th how to find your inspiration and connect you to an ideal that will nourish you and put you in phase with your dreams!

At the end of the month, you will mobilize to serve your interests and boost your career plan.

What Is A Decan?

Successfully on the 25th where you could turn a corner! A magical duet likely to make you live great moments? A libido in a trance, a need to dazzle and impress your audience and fully express your outstanding creativity? Try not to be too absorbed on the 14th and 21st by a blurred vision, even one that is distressing of the future, which is destabilizing you now. You want something but what! August: 1st decan: The first new moon on the 1st invites you to roll up your sleeves before going on vacation?

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  • You will want to do well but be careful that your character, which is currently a little heretic, does not generate unintentional tension between you and your entourage, whether professionally or privately 2! Same around the 16th where you will probably have a little trouble lowering your tone. Starting on the 21st, Venus favors your exchanges with your partner and the others, which could be passionate tense? On the 24th! You can, however, hope to live an end of the month with a fanfare! Thanks to your open, imaginative, original mind, you should be able to convince whoever you want and love to believe and follow you!

    Whether it's a promotion you're after or simply a recognition of your merits, you should have every reason to be happy with yourself and what we offer you on the 7th and the 8th! Ditto around the 21st where your adaptability and your willingness to participate in a common work is worth a few praises or rewards that you will not sulk to receive! Whether they concern your private life children, love , your creativity, or your radiance you will have a beautiful energy to make them evolve in the right direction!

    The full moon on the 15th invites you on his side to disengage a little. September: 1st decan: Your originality seduces and helps you bluff your private and professional partners, the 1st but also on the 2nd where an assumed authority could help make them lean on your side! From the 23rd, you will make every effort to boost your income and generate a return on investment that is up to your expectations!

    Count on the new moon on the 28th to reinforce this trend! However, you will not lack strong arguments to go up and convince your partners to believe in you and your ideas the 3rd, 4th, and 5th from the moment you agree to reduce the wind in your sails a little and your level of requirement the 5th and to keep a certain sense of the limits that are not to be crossed the 6th, 8th, 12th, 14th, 21st, and 25th! Indeed, bet, in September, on an outstanding power of conviction and seduction to hit a big blow and try to train your social and professional partners in the adventure.

    October: 1st decan: You openly declare your ambitions and want to broaden your horizons. Why not, in October, if you manage to brag about your merits without overflowing the frame. Ditto at the end of the month the 28th where you should not try too hard to stand out! The new moon of the same day invites you, indeed, to exceed yourself but not necessarily to push things too far? It is by elegantly arguing your case that you will succeed at tipping the scales in your favour on the 14th, 15th, and 20th, where your obvious radiance should allow you to make an impression on the world and on a social circle then ready to walk in your footsteps and support your dreams and aspirations!

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    Second decan pisces horoscope

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