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Zagreb: Pravni fakultet Sveuilita u Zagrebu, Spiel, C. Implicit theories of creativity: the conceptions of politicians, scientists, artists and school teachers. High Ability Studies, 9, Hwang, G-J. A Heuristic Algorithm for planning personalized learning paths for context-aware ubiquitous learning. Chen, C. Personalized E-learning system with self-regulated learning mechanisms for promoting learning performance. Expert Systems with Applications, 36 5 , Maksi, PhD. Participants were asked an open ended question about their activities concerning students who were school underachievers and were not willing to improve their school achievement.

Study findings were analyzed qualitatively and two main themes were identified: the time perspective in perception of students school underachievement and the type of intervention related to students school underachievement. Obtained data showed that majority of participants were oriented toward actual situation in which school underachievement was located, though others were oriented towards causes of students school underachievement or towards goals that students could reach by being successful at school.

Possibilities for overcoming students school underachievement were seen mainly in pedagogic approach to the problem or pedagogic approach combined with psychological approach to the problem. Different interventions were proposed, ranging from increasing the level of appreciation of students ability, interests and preferences to creating a more personalized pedagogic situation that would enable students to be more successful at school. Keywords: school failure, primary school, motivation, beliefs, qualitative analysis. Nichola M. Many educators in the past dealt, and even today, deal with these problems.

There are dozens of theoretical concepts and practical attempts to resolve these problems in a satisfactory manner. Didactics, whose subjects are both teaching and learning, is the most advanced pedagogical discipline. But, despite that, we still, even in our time, do not have real answers or solutions to these complex educational problems. We do not have a new conception of teaching and learning in contemporary education. We do not have solutions that would enable the effective and efficient implementation of the tasks that the teaching and learning today set.

Key words: teaching, learning, learning objectives, efficiency and quality of teaching and learning.

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Raki, , Mandi, , , -. Kneevi-Flori, O. O pedagokom delovanju u humanistikom diskursu. Jevti, Zbornik radova sa naunog skupa sa meunarodnim ueem Vaspitanje za humane odnose problemi i perspektive. Ni: Filozofski fakultet, Mandi, P. Savjetodavni vaspitni rad: sa osnovama metodike vaspitnog rada. Sarajevo: Svjetlost. Raki, B. Procesi i dinamizmi vaspitnog djelovanja.

Special attention is dedicated to the deliberation of gist, meaning, purposes, educational strategies, principles, forms and methods of giving the pedagogical support to the psychosocial environment, then to the role of the pedagogue and the position of a student as a subject in the process of establishing the pedagogical support and help. It is also pointed out to the need of the critical approach in the process of electing and combining the modern and traditional forms, methods and meanings of giving the pedagogical support and help to the students.

Key words: pedagogical support, student as a subject, pedagogue, humanistic concept of education. Ghiraldelli, ; Aloni, ,. Arnilla et al. BarowWoods, , , , BarowWoods, Child-Centred Education , : - , BarowWoods, Veugelers, Freire, : , Veugelers, - - Veugelers KuliDespotovi, Aloni, N.

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Humanistic Education. Humanistic Education: from Theory to Practice. Veugelers, eds. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers Arnilla, L. Dictionnaire de pdagogie. Paris: Bordas. Barrow, R. An Introduction to Philosophy of Education. London: Methuen. Blackburn, S.


Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Blekburn, S. Oksfordski filozofski renik.

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Novi Sad: Svetovi. Veugelers, W. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers. Peters, P. Ghiraldelli, B.

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Gibbons eds. Kuli, R. Uvod u adragogiju. Beograd: Svet knjige. Morandi, F. Dictionnaire de pedagogie, Paris: Nathan. Darkenwald, G. New York: Harper and Row.

Roders, K. Kako postati linost. Beograd: Nolit. Scott, J. Oxford Dictionary of Sociology. Freire, P. Pedagogy of the Oppresed. Hamondsworth: Penguin.

Champy, Ph. Dictionnaire encyclopdique de l'education et de la formation. Paris: RETZ. Blatt, M.


Kohlberg The effect of classroom moral discussion upon childrens level of moral judgment, Journal of Moral Education, Vol. Kohlberg, L. Moral development in school: a developmental view, The School Review, Vol. Mouratidou, K. Chatzopoulos Physical education and moral development: An intervention programme to promote moral reasoning through physical education in high school students, European Physical Education Review, Vol. Fleming Moral education and the teaching of history, The History Teacher, Vol.

D, Assoc. Moral education in primary school is significantly represented in the teaching of literature. The analysis of different behaviors and actions of characters in literary works provides capacity for development of moral reasoning and moral action. In teaching of music, the analysis of certain elements of musical composition is applied, connected with characters and events to which they relate, and through organized activities is compared to different positive and negative treatment of people, from the accepted system of social and moral values.

In physical education certain aspects of socialization and moral education take place, and students get used to respect the rules of a game. The teaching of history, too, is an area that can significantly be represented by segments of moral education. The content of history teaching makes the study of historical events and actions of their actors, and they can be analyzed from the moral point of view, by the identification of the nature of morality in such behaviors, especially when it comes from ex-combatants and from various conflicts. Through some other school subjects the contents of moral education are represented in an insignificant extent.

Key words: primary school, moral education, contents of moral education, effects of moral education. Apple studied the hidden curriculum in US kindergartens and found it had a significant impact on childrens acquisition of skills and habits and the development of personal traits. According to him, the hidden curriculum covers everything that is not defined in the official curriculum. It includes relations, modes of communication; defines the values, expectations, requirements, rules, etc.

In the article we discuss empathy as a factor of hidden curriculum.

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