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Be forewarned: These are demanding books. Also excluded, for the moment, are authors whose best works are out of print at this time. Method of Progressions Simplified - Sandra D. Postscript: A great work is the result of great talent, combined with luck. I t must be concentrated in order to be effective. Few authors have the talent for a great book. Few ever will. That said, there are many other good books. What do you want to know, what do you want to study, where do you want to go?

The possibilities are endless. It is common, for instance, when the self-employed ask about their jobs, to find Lords i and io the same. This makes sense: within the context of the question, person and job are effectively the same. Hereafter referred to as Real Astrology. In many questions about third parties the querent has no part in the drama, so does not need to be assigned a significator. Instead of taking the ruler of the next sign, we can use another planet if - and only if — it is within a couple of degrees of the cusp of the house in question and in the same sign as that cusp.

This is the only time when a planet can be taken as significator because it is in a house: when the house ruler is already in use and the planet is right on the cusp. Otherwise: planets in a house affect that house for better or for worse; they do not rule it. We can also use the almuten of the house cusp, but I suggest you keep this for emergencies: only when none of the options above makes sense. I can recall having done this in only one chart. Finding the almuten is discussed on page The Moon The Moon is always cosignificator of the querent, unless it is main significator of the quesited.

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This means that the querent usually has two significators: Lord i and the Moon. If the Moon signifies the quesited, the quesited has prior claim on its services and the querent must do without it as cosignificator. Although both Moon and Lord i signify the querent, and an aspect from either of them to the significator of the quesited will usually give a positive answer. In such cases it is reassuring if we can find some supporting testimony. What does this planet signify? We begin our judgement with the houses that are relevant to the question, taking the planets that rule them as significators of the things of those houses.

These planets are our main players, the actors of the leading roles in the drama. Often, however, another planet will involve itself in the action, whether by aspect, strong reception or placement in one of the relevant houses. How do we find out what such a planet represents? With great caution. It is here that we face the biggest risk of committing the cardinal sin of the horary astrologer: writing our own stories, our own assump- tions, into the chart.

Suppose we are judging a relationship question. The rulers of the 1st and 7th houses are our main players. We notice another planet involved in the action, and see that it rules the 9th house. Any house can mean a huge number of things, and we are most unlikely to plump on the right one by chance. When deciding what an unidentified planet might mean, keep your imagina- tion on a short lead and, if possible, bounce your ideas off the querent.

Remember it is a consultation: we are allowed to ask the querent whatever questions we need in order to elucidate the chart. As a general rule, always go for the most concrete of the options avail- able. For example. Lord 10 can signify glory or honour, and sometimes does; it is more likely to signify something less abstract: the boss, the job, the mother. Once you have decided upon a plausible identification, studying the recep- tions involving that planet - hence what the other players think of it and what it thinks of them - will usually either confirm this identification or prove it wrong.

Then you can either proceed with judgement or think again about what this planet signifies.

Everything is made of all seven planetary influences combined in differing proportions. One or two of these influences will be particularly obvious in any thing that we might consider.

Which one of them takes our attention will depend upon the context of the enquiry. The classic example is the rose: it is ruled by Venus, as shown by its beauty; it is ruled by Mars, as shown by its thorns. Or the slug: ruled by Saturn, as being black and nasty and living under stones; by the Moon, as being soft and moist and coming out at night.

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These natural rulerships will occasionally be significant in the chart. If we are looking for some lost documents, for example, we might look at Mercury, the natural ruler of documents. The Moon is natural ruler of any lost object, especially an animate one. These natural rulers will sometimes offer information supplementary to what the house ruler tells us; sometimes the chart will emphasise them in so strong away that we can judge by them alone. Although the importance of natural rulerships is minor compared to that of the accidental rulerships, it is worth becoming fluent in them. This is best done by putting planets to objects as you come across them in your daily round, as you might learn a language by translating everything you see into that language.

Sugar: Venus, as its sweet; Mars, for the energy it gives. Consider: what is the natural ruler of a camera? It is a mechanical contrivance: Mercury. It is used to take pretty pictures: Venus. It is used for reportage: Mercury. It works by writing Mercury with light Sun by means of mirrors Moon. All this is true. But what is its essential nature? What does a camera do? Its essence is in what it is, not in what it can be used for taking pretty pictures, reportage , nor in how it does it machinery, writing with light. So its essence is in captur- ing, preserving, and its natural ruler is Saturn.

Follow this logic with any other item and you will not go wrong. The following should give sufficient clues to enable you to find the appropriate ruler for anything. Saturn Cold and dry; diurnal ; 12 masculine.

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Saturn rules things that are old, black, hard, heavy, dead, decayed, restrictive, dry, cold, solitary, sad. Examples: root vegetables, because they grow underground. Nightshade, because of its colour and because it is deadly also Venus for its cosmetic qualities. Liquorice, for its colour and as a root.

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All waste products and refuse. Lead, for its weight; hence also plumbers, who work with lead. Farm labourers. Gardeners Saturn was god of agriculture. Prisons, ruins, toilets. Opium, as a narcotic and because it is addictive, creating new barriers.

When will the .5 job come through?

The yew is very saturnine: it has dark foliage; it is poisonous; it grows to a great age; it lives in graveyards. Saturn rules locks; Mercury rules keys. Saturn is natural ruler of fathers in night charts.

john frawley sports astrology pdf John frawley sports astrology pdf
john frawley sports astrology pdf John frawley sports astrology pdf
john frawley sports astrology pdf John frawley sports astrology pdf
john frawley sports astrology pdf John frawley sports astrology pdf
john frawley sports astrology pdf John frawley sports astrology pdf

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