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On Sunday, the moon waxes through Taurus until early Tuesday morning.

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She will be void of course VOC from a. EST, so save your talking points until after lunch when she enters expressive Gemini.

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Actions taken during this time usually result as moot points - so conserve your energy! The moon will remain in Gemini until a. On November 1st, your ruler Venus moved into one of the most inquisitive parts of your chart, triggering a cycle of discussion, exploration and discovery. While some of those experiences have become part of your life, others remain unsettled if not confusing.

Those discussions can and should wait. Long ago you learnt that, often, what seems a serious setback is actually an invitation to examine your existing plans.

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Change what you can, and begin to rethink the rest. Wait and watch.

The moon is in Aquarius today.

But it has, and the individual in question is taking it personally. Apologise once, and thoroughly, then focus on other matters. Long ago you learnt that, tempting as it is to sidestep potentially upsetting issues, the longer you wait to raise them, the more complicated things will be. On 1 November, your ruler Venus moved into a new position, triggering exploration.

Until then, explore everything that comes your way. And this is where problems are likely.

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The solution? Begin by asking questions. Certain individuals have a tendency to comment on the emotional ups and downs of others, but still, refuse to acknowledge their role in triggering those feelings. The fact is, they never will. You owe it to yourself to get the facts, and before going any further. In early October, your ruler Mercury moved to accent practical and financial matters, and went retrograde in early November.

That may be true. Still, when certain individuals are intrigued, they sometimes seem more serious than they are. That could be the case now. But now, with Mercury retrograde, and positioned in Scorpio, misunderstandings are likely. You rarely think about your knack for riding out even very unexpected twists and turns, and without struggling. Now, however, even you are puzzled. The secret? Live one day at a time. Everybody is influenced by the Full Moon, the pivotal events and heightened feelings it triggers.

Discuss your ideas as much as you like. Better yet, what you learn will more than justify the effort you must make. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde several times a year. However, this particular cycle is tricky, mostly because with so much in transition, even simple arrangements are in flux. Sometimes misunderstandings are no more than that. Judging by the current complex planetary activity, even seemingly simple issues are far more complicated than you realise.

Focus on the core issue and nothing more. Explore the ideas being discussed, but make no promises until you know a lot more. The powerful planetary activity of the past few days has both triggered changes in existing plans and raised questions about longstanding goals. True, this will take longer. But what you discover could mean that, ultimately, things work out better. Your instinct is to say nothing.

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Often people complain about the confusion triggered by the retrograde Mercury without really thinking about how beneficial it is. Still, with so much in transition, such matters are increasingly unclear. Chatting with others about changes, in your life, in their activities and in the world around you is as natural as breathing. This only triggers pointless worries. Between the current unsettling planetary activity and Mercury being retrograde and triggering confusion, plans are bound to change, possibly every day.

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While you, as a Pisces, have an amazing ability to turn such changes to your advantage, many respond by complaining. Be sympathetic but ignore their demands you get involved. Discuss this openly. It will transform your life. When your ruler Mars moved to accent working closely with others, in early October, you began a lengthy cycle that involved compromise.

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However, you have no choice. Certain individuals have the unfortunate tendency to make a perfectly innocent question seem like a challenge if not a confrontation. Knowing that, your best option is to be aware that, from time to time, discussions are bound to be tense. Even powerful Cancerians have a sensitive side.

The recent unthinking if not rude behaviour of one particular individual seems to have got to you, and was upsetting in a way few things have been. Tempting as it is to confront the individual in question, first, reflect on your own. The solution could be within. This reassures them but, often enough, their concerns have been worth exploring. Bizarrely, what initially seems to be of the least significance could be of pivotal importance. DR concerns.

While everybody is wrestling with the minor errors that are one of the signature problems when Mercury is retrograde, some of those difficulties have turned into rewarding discussions. The trick is to keep talking, both untangling errors and exploring intriguing options. While some of those lessons are clear cut, others remain a mystery.

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aquarius horoscope 11 march Aquarius horoscope 11 march
aquarius horoscope 11 march Aquarius horoscope 11 march
aquarius horoscope 11 march Aquarius horoscope 11 march
aquarius horoscope 11 march Aquarius horoscope 11 march
aquarius horoscope 11 march Aquarius horoscope 11 march

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