Gemini summer horoscope

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Lean into the lazy, long summer days by spending time with your phone on airplane mode and your clothes off. You can post photos to social media later. Moving slowly this summer can be annoying for you, but try to look at the change in pace as a welcome challenge.

Chiron, a comet known as the wounded healer, also begins its yearly retrograde on Monday, July 8. This retrograde presents an opportunity to address, and then ideally leave behind, past trauma that continues to haunt us.

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Feeling tough emotions sucks, you'd rather ignore them and party, but dealing with demons makes future parties way more fun, so don't be scared to face skeletons in your closet. There's a full moon and a partial lunar eclipse in business-oriented Capricorn on Tuesday, July Capricorn, an earth sign, can help air sign Gemini turn dreams into solid, long-term goals.

Meditate on what you wish to achieve during this transit. Remember the power of asking for what you want and begin planning to bring dreams into fruition. On Monday, July 22 , Leo season begins. Use the bold energy of this sign to make overdue professional moves. If things don't fall into place right away, remember that Mercury is retrograde and don't take it personally. After all, this month asks you to practice patience.

Friday Bite

When Venus moves into Leo on Saturday, July 27 , you'll feel encouraged to take your summer romance out of the bedroom and into your social life, so start asking for plus ones. Then, your career goals begin to come to life when Mercury goes direct on Wednesday, July This same day is a new moon in Leo. You can expect clarity on whether it's time to level up your relationship or get the hell out to meet new people.

Yearly Love Horoscope: 12222 Love Guide for Gemini

By Leah Prinzivalli. By Kaleigh Fasanella.

Gemini Horoscope - Major Life Changes to expect!

Leos are famous for loving themselves, and this summer you may become enamored with someone who is a lot like you. Some of the greatest celebrity pairings of our time dressed alike, and whether or not their love lasted, the aesthetic lives on. Aw, Virgo, your partner is your summer fling! What weakens your knees is not the one-off grand romantic gesture but the gradual process of someone showing up every day and earning your respect. No bells and whistles needed.

Just the goods. You might not be in love per se, but you are in a groove where you and your friends are really appreciating each other. Romantic friendship is a truly Libran concept, whereby sweet and whimsical elements sneak into your platonic relationships.

Gemini - 2017 Summer Horoscope

By the way, so are they. Oh my god, your summer fling is famous! So it makes sense that you may catch the eye of someone with a following. Prepare to find yourself this summer completely taken with someone who is so not your type.

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If you tend to go for theater nerds, you may be dazzled by the wit of a banker. I see you with someone sweet, Aquarius. Someone soft with delicate curves. They are completely comfortable in their own skin, and it inspires you. PDA is inevitable.

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You can take them anywhere, and your parents will absolutely love them. Even though they seem bright and carefree on the surface, you can sense a dark pit of insecurities.

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They make you feel young! But they are all yours. Nothing beats the romance of a first love, and you, Pisces, may re-develop some fuzzy feelings for your childhood crush. Illustration by Allison Filice. The Repeller Store Is Open! X Icon.

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