Horoscope february 24 2020

Aries (March 20-Apr. 19)

Being quiet will make you come across as a pushover.


You will be encouraged to speak in an appropriate time and have appropriate choice of words. If you cannot keep your friends or make others like you, try not to make enemies. To stay afloat and survive, you will need to play your cards right and have a better control of yourself. This will be a good year for those born in the Year of the Tiger but there will be some disturbance from negative energies hovering along the year.

There will be delays and inconveniences, but they should not be enough to create major damages. You will be doing exceptionally well in your career. Your wealth will be better than usual, although you run the risk of being cheated and robbed. You may lose money due to others misleading you. Hence, you may want to verify important information before using it. Your health will be weaker than in other years. Although you will gain strong support from others, you will feel otherwise.

You will tend to push others away from you while feeling lonely. You will seem to be arrogant to many, which result in them turning their backs at you or sabotaging you when opportunities arise. Treasure the support others can give you, but do not be too trusting. Be humble and try to have moderate interaction with others in order to know what is going on around you. Romantic relationships will be poor and will cause you anxiety. You will be encouraged to leverage on this year to implement your plans and embrace opportunities that come along.

However, you will need to thread with care and be aware of how you interact with others. This will be a good year for your career. You will be given heavier responsibilities and an increase in your portfolio. You will have more authority power which will come with promotions. Your efforts will pay off.

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However, there may or may not be pay increments. You will gain strong support from the management and the authorities.

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Even though you will have good career luck, your career will still be affected by some of the negative energies hovering in As you will be progressing rapidly on the corporate ladder, many will choose to be seen as your friend instead of enemy, but this does not mean that everyone will be your friend. On the other hand, you will feel that you cannot get adequate support from others which will be different from the reality.

You will isolate yourself which will cause you to appear as an arrogant individual. Some may be offended by your attitude which will cause them to turn their back on you in critical times.

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They will sabotage you or intercept your opportunities. They will mislead you. You will be careless and get distracted easily, thus causing you to make mistakes. It will be important that you can remain humble and friendly but do not share confidential information and about opportunities that you discover. Stay alert and focus. You can have personal space, but will need to have moderate interaction to know what is going on around you to protect yourself better and to embrace opportunities.

Although you will be faced with challenges, you will be able to avoid and resolve them by being careful. Your finances will be better than average. Earnings from your job will be stable. Profits from investments and winnings from gambling will be good. There will be many unexpected situations that will cost you money. Fortunately, your finances will be able to cope with the expenses. It will be better if you can reduce your expenses.

You will lose or misplace money and valuables. If you were to invest, you may need to gather information by yourself instead of relying on others. Others will attempt to mislead you. If you were use information given by others, verify them before using it. You will have a high risk of being robbed or pickpocketed. Do not flash your money and valuables in public.


Flaunting your wealth will be a bad idea. If you are single, you will feel lonely and keen to be in a relationship, but the chance of falling in love will be slim. If you are already in a relationship, there will be frequent fights. Any trivial matters can spark off heated arguments.

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You will feel that your partner is unable to support you adequately. You will consider filling the void within you by looking for another partner or engaging in one-night stands. Your partner will also be looking for other romantic partners to escape from the strained relationship. There will be many matters that will cause you to be in dismay, but do not take it out on your loved ones.

Looking to seek comfort from affairs will not solve existing problems, but will put your relationship at risk. You can consider letting your partner know about what you are going through so that your partner will be more understanding. If you need to be alone or wish your partner to comfort or support you in any way, you can tell your partner. Manage your relationship well so that it will not be one of the problems that you will need to deal with in Your health will be weaker than usual.

You will tend to fall ill easily.

Tamil Panchang • Monday, February 24, 2020

Among different forms of health conditions, you will be prone to health conditions that related to the digestive system such as gastritis and stomach flu. You may want to have regular meals. You will also have high risk of food poisoning. Be careful of what and where you consume. Ensure that your food is well-prepared. You will be accident prone. If you realize that you have difficulties in focusing, do not drive, operate machines and handle sharp tools. People problems that you will face will be considered lesser than in other years.

Generally, you will gain strong support without requiring to spend much time on social activities. However, you will feel that support from others will be lacking and there will be a sense of loneliness which will be different from the reality. You will be seen as a rising star and many will know better not to have direct confrontations with you.

Even if they may not be sincere towards you, they will hesitate going against you because of your well-known strong personality. When you are doing well, be humble. Do not spite others so much so that they will choose to sabotage your plans, intercept your opportunities and misinform you to get you into troubles or lose money.

There will be times that you will need to have personal space. You can let others know instead of behaving rudely in desperation of pushing them away. Many will understand you better than you think. It will be easier for you to gain support than to create enemies. You can be friendly but do not be gullible or trusting. By being careful, you will be able to keep problems with people to the minimum. For those born in the Year of the Rabbit will do well in terms of career and money, but will be faced with many sticky potential problems, such as getting along with many, which can have a devastating impact.

You will be increasingly arrogant and domineering as you will be valued at work. You will try to enforce your ideas on others. You will put yourself at risk of being a public enemy. Some may try to get you into troubles and you will have frequent heated tensions with others.

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