Astrology march 11 virgo or virgo

A full moon arrives in your sign this month, Virgo.

The problem?

virgo Horoscope

Leo is addicted to praise, and needs constant encouragement from his mate. Virgo is the zodiac's perfectionist; his critical nature can cause Leo to shrink-wrap himself into diminutive proportions. Yes, they had children with these men, which is important to the family-oriented Lion. However, both megastars toned down their flashy, go-getter images to play wifey.

This dynamic must be avoided at all costs. Virgo's earthy nature should be no more than terra firma beneath the Lion's feet. In turn, Leo must shore up confidence, rather than take flaw-finding Virgo's feedback to heart. While Virgo is the helper sign, a codependent vibe can quickly form if he tries to manage Leo's demanding, dramatic life.

Your signs are completely different; what's good for the goose is dead-wrong for the gander. Live and let live. Two fussbudget, critical control freaks like you will either suit each other…or deserve each other. For what is a relationship but a magical looking glass into your own dark and twisted Wonderland?


You're neurotic neatniks and private pack rats who will either: a thrive by living in separate wings or residences, b nitpick each other to death, or c grow into happily-ever-after hoarders, aging gracefully in a castle of newspaper clippings saved for the ne'er-to-come Someday. Your grounding Earth sign nature can also be your saving grace, as it gifts you with sophisticated, sensual taste. Forget the horn-rimmed glasses and virginal rep that's been cast upon your sign.

You love handcrafted cuisine, fecund vineyards, bespoke furniture and majestic interiors.

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What would bore other signs fascinates you, and you want to learn about every nook and cranny that went into your captivations. Our advice: pack your perfectly-matched Vuitton luggage and get thee to Tuscany for couples' cooking lessons. Learn the complete history of a region and travel there on an architectural tour. Call it "intellectual intercourse. You're next-door-neighbor signs who can learn a thing or two from each other. Virgo is a cautious Earth sign who plans for the worst and prays for the best. Air-sign Libra not only expects the best, he demands it—and thus, he usually gets it.

In stressful times, Libra's charm and balanced perspective is a breath of fresh air for anxious Virgo. The Virgin is ruled by mentally-stimulating Mercury, and his mind goes a mile a minute. Libra's ruler is Venus, the goddess of beauty, love and pleasure. Like a gentle lullaby, Libra smoothes the rough spots, helping Virgo relax and trust that everything will be okay. While this may be an illusion, it still has a hypnotic effect on Virgo.

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Socially, you mix well. You both enjoy arts and culture, and you'll never be at a loss for date ideas: museum openings, concerts, readings. You're also a fastidious pair—you'll have the cleanest house on the block if it's up to Virgo, and the most tastefully decorated home if Libra has a say. The one dynamic to beware: Virgo is the zodiac's helper and Libra is its pampered diva.

This can easily turn into a master-and-servant scenario, with Libra feigning helplessness and Virgo scrambling to save him. Like Persephone eating the pomegranate seeds that doomed her to Hades, Virgo must be careful not to swallow Libra's intoxicating tales and sob stories.

Virgo and Scorpio are two of the zodiac's shrewdest signs. Your collective gaze misses nothing, and your conversations can be as hair-splitting as Freudian analysis. You're both insatiable when it comes to understanding the human soul, and examining your own neuroses can keep you busy for weeks. While your obsessive natures would drive other people mad, it only makes you more fascinated by each other. You're like two scientists in the lab of love, researching, analyzing, and measuring data.

Moody and introverted, you both have spells where you crave total privacy, and you'll grant each other that space. You unconsciously absorb so much energy from your environments, and you need to clear yourselves on a regular basis. Nature is soothing—Scorpio is a Water sign, and Virgo is Earth—and you may enjoy a healthy or outdoorsy lifestyle. That can mean renting a private chalet on a pristine European lake, or devoting yourselves to raw food, vegetarianism, and yoga.

Virgo is the zodiac's Virgin and Scorpio is the sex sign.

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In bed, Scorpio can be a bit too intense for earthy Virgo. You're both lusty sensualists, but if Scorpio breaks out the dungeon props and dominatrix gear, Virgo draws the line. The Virgin may indulge a fetish with strangers, but he keeps a strict boundary about how far he'll experiment with a partner. No matter. You're good friends and supportive partners who find beauty in the smallest details—the makings of a quality life commitment. Virgo is an introverted Earth sign, Sag an extroverted Fire sign, but you can bring out lesser-seen traits in each other.

On the outside, you look like an odd couple. Prim, preppy Virgo is a crisply tailored schoolmarm; Sag is a rumpled hippie in wrinkled jeans and weathered shoulder bags, more like a grad student during finals. Still, you're both brainy types who bond through long, intense conversations.

Intellectual Virgo has a keen, organized mind; thoughtful Sagittarius is the zodiac's philosopher. Together, you'll ponder the meaning of life and psychoanalyze your mutual friends—behind their backs and to their faces. You can both be preachy and judgmental, and you're fascinated by the foibles of human nature.

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Beyond the talk, you have different lifestyles, and those require adaptation. Virgo's monkish side can make Sag feel lonely, and the Archer's blunt remarks can hurt the Virgin's feelings. Virgo is great listener, but hesitant to bare his own soul. This frustrates Sagittarius, who craves more intimate sharing. Your habits are different, too.

Virgo concerns himself with every niggling detail, irritating the impatient Archer, who thinks in broad strokes. Sagittarius must learn to sweat the small stuff a little more. You will make sound decisions if you rely more on your experience and intuition, which are two key elements in this planetary cycle. Happily, you as a Virgo, have that special talent for analysis and introspection that will help you a lot in these days leading up to the March equinox.

Love A double astral energy surrounds you, precisely everything you needed to finish putting everything in order within your sentimental life, drawing doubts from it and finally acting with the unfolding that is the main tonic of your sign. Health Eye, Virgo! It is time to review those medicines that you have in your medicine cabinet and eliminate the syrups and potions that are already expired, especially if the expiration date is already very late, because that could be dangerous, or at best, not cause effect and waste your time when you take them.

Virgo: You Could Be Experiencing Conflict With Loved Ones

Work Your sign is very creative and diligent and you will achieve success thanks to your perseverance when it comes to solving a work problem that worries everyone, but that you will overcome by the fast, expeditious and accurate way you solve it, which will gain you prestige and consideration where you are employed. Money and Luck Although during this astral cycle you are very well sponsored it is necessary that before signing a contract you check very well what the documents say, do not rely solely on the word of the businessmen and if there is something that you do not understand, ask and investigate until the satiety and so you will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: a chance encounter with someone whose experience and knowledge will serve as support for what you intend to do.

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Dangerous trend today on Monday in your sign Virgo: imprudence, say something that may complicate later. In my opinion, Mercury retrograde is not a tragedy. In fact, it's only a mere inconvenience. Keep this in mind when I say that as of March 11, , this will be the worst week for these zodiac signs : Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius. If you've got any of the following zodiac signs in your birth chart, especially your rising sign, then you'll be feeling the weirdness.

While Mercury retrograde is nothing to be afraid of, I will say that this particular one will be even more difficult. This is because Mercury is in hazy, lazy, and dreamy Pisces, and this is the zodiac sign that Mercury is most week in. Remember that Mercury rules over everything involving the way you think and communicate, which is why its retrograde can be such a drag.

With a retrograde in Pisces, you can expect irrational behavior, overly emotional responses, a disregard for the facts, and a lack of focus. I don't know about you, but I've been forgetful and spilling things left and right. When your planetary ruler is experiencing intensity or difficulty, it's rarely ever easy. In your case, Mercury, your ruling planet, is in the midst of a retrograde and it's affecting you even more deeply than usual because it's taking place in Pisces, which, like you, is a mutable sign.

astrology march 11 virgo or virgo Astrology march 11 virgo or virgo
astrology march 11 virgo or virgo Astrology march 11 virgo or virgo
astrology march 11 virgo or virgo Astrology march 11 virgo or virgo
astrology march 11 virgo or virgo Astrology march 11 virgo or virgo
astrology march 11 virgo or virgo Astrology march 11 virgo or virgo
astrology march 11 virgo or virgo Astrology march 11 virgo or virgo

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