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The numbers are present in the day to day, all the time, and represent us. Just think about your date of birth, your ID number, CPF, your address, phone number, the letters of your name, etc. Everything is represented by numbers and each one of them has a different vibration that brings influences to our personality, spirituality, intellect, personal relationships, professional gifts, etc. Through the study of numbers we can better understand our soul, our challenges, our relationships, our thoughts, our tendencies, and our way of destiny. Numerology is a powerful instrument of self-knowledge.

Through it we can understand our own nature and of all those around us, we can understand our path, the cycles of life, our weaknesses and strengths, and thus overcome the difficulties of life. Your number is determined by your date of birth, making the sum of the figures. That is, if these numbers appear at the end of a calculation, the reduction is not done in a single digit.

Find out your numerology number, look for the number of people closest to you … you will understand your personality traits better. Through simple but exact calculations, we can understand a lot about our essence. When we are born, the earth vibration in the minute we breathe for the first time brings influences to our way of being.

The day and hour of birth act in the formation of our character, personality and destiny. This numerical vibration accompanies us for the rest of our lives, are key words for our self-understanding and acceptance. I spoke of this in my New Paradigm New Moon article, a collective feeling among so my people:.

For instance, what will our day-to-day service work look like where our work is no longer considered as a monetisation of our time? Where creativity, joy, what turns us on at the deepest levels of beingness is what considered a Nations greatest asset. The Empress exudes abundance, prosperity, she is naturally creative and at ease with herself. She sees beauty in everything, and reminds us to be still and experience this beauty in all that we do.

The Empress will guide us during to follow our bliss, birth our creativity doing what turns you on , and engage with the world using all your senses. On a side note, each of the 13 Stars are 6 pointed — Merkabahs representing our Lightbody — we are awakening to our true natures! We are stepping off the treadmill of linear time, freeing ourselves to let our creative juices flow in resonance with Cosmic time.

The scepter is a phallic Masculine symbol, whilst the sphere is a symbol of the Feminine. If I could add to the depiction of The Empress, I would place her left hand over her genitals signifying her comfort with her own defined sexuality and being at ease with her cliteracy — afterall the internal clitorus does take on a triangular formation — more power to the number 3! The Empress sits outdoors on a red cushioned throne embellished with Venus symbols.

So this card reminds us that in order for us to give birth to the greatest heights of our creativity during — we must rewild ourselves — we must let go of the constraints that feel like a noose around our necks — keeping us tied down, locked up, keeping us small.

The Meaning of Your Birth Date Number in Numerology

The words by German philospher Nietszche highlight this so eloquently…. You need chaos in your Soul to give birth to a dancing Star. Friedrich Nietszche. The key meaning of this card is to let go of control. When you start to tell yourself better stories or even new stories about your life, you will see your reality change. You will be capable of becoming more, doing more and achieving your destiny. Are you the hero of your own life, or do you tell yourself that everything is a constant struggle?

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Balance your inner monologue with the life you wish to manifest and the universe will listen and send you events that will help elevate your achievements. A numerology reading is based on your name and date of birth and will help you understand your soul purpose and destiny. When you discover what your soul purpose is, and what your divine gifts are, you will see yourself in a new light and your reality will transform into one of bliss and happiness.

To get your reading, click here, the initial reading is free and like me, you will find it enlightening. Essentially, is all about balance and harmony. You need to balance your thoughts with your actions. Align what you want with what you do.

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So be sure to read those articles if you see these numbers too. Enjoying this article? Then subscribe to my newsletter below to get more spiritual and mystical goodness sent straight to your inbox every Sunday! If you want to know more, the following information will show you the connections between the number and various spiritual systems. The number 2 in numerology is ruled by the Moon, which is reflective of the Divine Feminine. Truly, the number 2 represents duality , the ability to feel and utilize emotion, as well as keeping judgment balanced through our subconscious and intuitive frequencies.

Some examples of duality are:. The Universal Law of Duality encompasses the fact that the universe and ALL energy functions as a yin-yang balance, resulting in attention between opposites. We all contain these dual aspects, and this tension is necessary for structure to exist, and human beings are energy structures.

The 2 appears as if it is bent down on its knees, yet still standing tall. This is like a head and back bowed in humble servitude, coincidingly making it easy to dismiss this energy as weak or powerless. The 2nd sign of the zodiac is Taurus , an Earth sign that embodies a down-to-earth perseverance.

A bull is considered strong, tenacious and powerful; If left alone, a bull is peaceful but when instigated, will charge head on. The same applies to people of Taurus nature: they are strong and persevering, calm and easygoing…but when angered, the temper may flare! As Taurus is a fixed sign, they are realistic, prefer stability, and have a strong sense of tradition that keeps them grounded on Earth. It is also ruled by Venus, the planet of love, passion, luxuury, and abundance. This makes Taurus dualistic in its own nature: craving not only down-to-earth stability but also love, money, and luxury.

It is also ruled by The Moon, just like the Number 2. This card is about opening up and relying on what is not being spoken, rather than what may appear to the eye in the physical.

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This is a reminder to trust your instincts to do so. Have patience, listen to your instincts, and think before acting. If you need some real guidance about where your life is headed, click here to get a free numerology reading based on your name and date of birth.

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  7. She exemplifies spiritual enlightenment and uses this sacred knowledge of the Universe to teach…rather than to control others. It encourages us to listen to our inner voice, as some wisdom can only be accessed symbolically or intuitively. This energy is of a gentle, flexible, and overall humble nature. Proof there is a deeper meaning than meets the eye at first.

    Number 22 is a master number. Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33 carry extremely strong vibrations. The Master Builder possesses idealism and lofty dreams, yet somehow always manages to stay grounded in reality. This vibration highly resonates with ancient wisdom, vision, and transformation. It is a magical number that means the power of change is in your hands.

    Not just in a metaphorical way, but in practical ways to be experienced in our three-dimensional reality…building things of lasting value.

    numerology meaning of todays date Numerology meaning of todays date
    numerology meaning of todays date Numerology meaning of todays date
    numerology meaning of todays date Numerology meaning of todays date
    numerology meaning of todays date Numerology meaning of todays date
    numerology meaning of todays date Numerology meaning of todays date

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