Astrological birthstone rings

This way it can adjust to the following sizes. Join our newsletter for launch updates and discounts. See all brands. Cart 0 products in your cart. Loading results. Ring size XS - 49 Delivery time This design is made to order in Germany. The production time is currently about working days plus shipping if not stated differently in the product text. This story was originally published on January 3, The Metaphysical Book of Gems And Crystals explains that some signs have upwards of four stones that exhibit this special harmony.

Birthstone Jewelry You’ll *Actually* Want to Wear

Ahead, we're sharing 12 astrological alternatives to personalize your jewelry collection — just in time for the New Year. We dove into the gemstone rumor mill Did Michelangelo really use lapis lazuli to craft the Sistine Chapel? Is labradorite really the reason behind the Aurora Borealis?

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As an added bonus: This jewelry crash course comes complete with the best rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces for every stone. Consider your next purchase written in the stars. They are determined. They are a loving, loyal and caring person and the honest partner to have.

A blue-shaded topaz would likely keep the wearer more passionate and determinant towards their life approach and aim. As Scorpios are extremely emotion, this gemstone will keep the emotions balanced and calm. Therefore Topaz is a perfect stone for Scorpios. Topaz should be worn on Tuesday morning during Shukla paksha. Adopt the silver or gold ring of Topaz on the index finger of the right hand.

It will stay activated for 3 years and continues to help you. The stone should get cleaned at regular interval to keep the working of stone protected and should be changed after the gems get inactive. In the ninth position out of twelve, Sagittarius holds artistic and wanderlust-loving qualities. Sagittarius is open-hearted, generous and trustworthy. This gemstone will help in enhancing the level of creativity and synchronicity.

Turquoise will detoxify all the negativeness a Sagittarius could possibly hold. It posses much power. It attracts love, friendship, money and luck to the wearer.


This gemstone should be worn as a pendant set or ring. If worn as a ring, then it should be placed in either index or ring finger of the right hand.

LUCK and MONEY will depend on how you wear the ring

It should be worn on Thursday morning before sunrise. Clear the gem in regular interval to avoid the settlement of dust on the gemstone. Capricorn has positive traits like smart, hardworking, and fully in control of their destiny.


They are equally dedicated to their personal and professional life. Capricorns is humorous and romantic. The ideal stone for Capricorn is Garnet. It safeguards the wearer or gemstone holder from all the negative energies and even psychic attack. Garnet should be worn after keeping in Gangajal and honey to exculpate the negativity from the gemstone. Garnet should be worn in the index finger of the right hand. Wear Garnet on Sunday morning after sunrise. Aquarius has traits like progressive, originality.

They fight for a cause, good listener, intellectual and fun to be friends with. The only weakness Aquarius holds is uncompromising, aloof, and temperamental. The beautiful birthstone amethyst will have a positive effect on Aquarius who are shy in nature and sometimes uncompromising. The healing properties of this birthstone will build a protection wall for Aquarius for smooth survival and peaceful living. Amethysts the most reliable gemstone for zodiac sign Aquarius.

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  • It goes with a metal ring or platinum if you prefer wearing amethyst. Avoid gold ring for Amethyst. The maximum Wight of the stone should be 6 carats. It should be worn in the middle finger. It should be worn on Saturday evening.

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    Pisces are very spiritual and compassionate. Being the last on the position, Pisces symbolized by the sign of fishes and so its ruling element is water. The strengths Pisces hold are compassion, artistic, gentle, wise and musical. It promises to enhance the relationship and helps in financial status. This gemstone is also an excellent purifier.

    Astrological birthstone rings
    Astrological birthstone rings
    Astrological birthstone rings
    Astrological birthstone rings
    Astrological birthstone rings
    Astrological birthstone rings
    Astrological birthstone rings

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