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The created Destiny remains in effect for the remainder of the Act, unlike a normal resource. Every time the Sidereal uses a power trait in a roll, the Destiny is degraded. While under the guise of a Resplendent Destiny, the character adds his Destiny resource to any roll that would be supported by his disguise. For example, if the character uses his Cosmic Specialty to create the Destiny of Wandering Priest d8 , then he adds the d8 resource to any dice pool where his disguise would be relevant. The major benefit of a Resplendent Destiny is that it creates a real mortal identity for the Sidereal agent in Creation, one that comes with support for its claims.

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If the character takes on the Destiny Imperial Guard d8 , then no one will question his presence inside the imperial palace; a Street Performer d6 can enter any bar and just be accepted by the locals. In classic Exalted, the disguises that a Sidereal could assume with a resplendent destiny were limited to those granted by the astrological symbols of Creation. While the system above is very general and designed for ease of play, GMs and players who want a more flavorful experience with their Sidereal shenanigans can read The Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals for ideas.

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You should check them out. We think you'll have a much more enjoyable experience. Right now, the greatest teachings are coming from the darkness, the depth and from the shadows. Pay attention and don't skip over the unseen realms.

The Manual of Exalted Power: Sidereals (Exalted RPG)

Life gains meaning and wisdom when we are willing to face our darkness. True healing can not take place without honoring the wholeness- both shadow and light. Read more about Jupiter in Scorpio. These Horoscopes will give you general themes for the year to come based on your rising sign. Horoscopes are based on your sidereal, or Jyotish rising sign, not your Western or Tropical sign. There is likely no correlation.

You may also use with your sidereal Moon or Sun sign for extra insight. Aries: Saturn continues through your 9th house of dharma this year, sparking a need for new structure with life path, purpose, spiritual growth and focus on authority issues. Grief surfaces in these areas of your life and begs you to look more closely. Transform the lump of coal into the diamond. Lean closer, don't look away. Get focused and direct your efforts with clarity and vigilance.

Jupiter in your 8th house is asking you to dive deeper and look below the surface. Attend to the darkness within and don't neglect your shadow work. There is much to learn about your vulnerability. Look closer. After March, the restructuring that has been taking place in your career shifts and dharmic changes beg for your attention. You won't be ale to keep going in the same direction. It's time for something new.

Spiritual matters become non-negotiable. Focus on creativity, the hands and self expression. How can you start letting your passions get more of your attention and intention?

Taurus: Relationships continue to get your focus and force you look closer. They are helping you learn so much! Though it hasn't been easy, but you are learning more about self expression and what it means to be vulnerable which is vital for a healthy relationship to thrive. Old, undigested grief is surfacing and requires you to put some focus on your depths and darkness. Feeling lost and misaligned with your life path and purpose?

It's important to focus on your sense of self and inner truth. Align with your power and notice where you are giving your power away.

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Plug the leaks. The coming year requires you to make some adjustments with finances, food and voice. It's time to truly express your needs and notice where you are keeping yourself silent. Vulnerabilities, fears and traumas from the past resurface and require you to revisit them. Get more support and guidance to navigate this so you can heal and release. This is not a year to take unnecessary risk or be negligent with your health. Sensitivity will be at an all time high. Honor it. Gemini: Jupiter in your 6th house has been helping you heal from the gut level and support greater insights with conflicts and finances.

Keep listening and be willing to dive deeper into your vulnerabilities and shadows.

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You've been forced to put focus on past traumas and shadows, but this will shift early March. The wisdom and clarity you've gained through voice, finances and nourishment will be useful in the year ahead. Refocus in the coming months and put attention on your self development and self awareness.

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The veils of illusion will be asking you to pay attention and support their release. How are your inner shadows clouding your vision of self, power and purpose? Relationships have been bringing grief to the forefront. At the same time, this is a powerful time to reestablish a sense of grounding, stability and support- within your body and your life. Re-balance and find a new sense of self and life structure. This will become even more important in the year ahead.

Edge of Creation: Exalted FAQ

Navigate instability with conscious awareness. Where are you creating this instability? What choices and decision continue to destabilize you?

How can you deepen your roots in order to weather the storms of life more easily. Deepen your self trust and inner wisdom. Your body wisdom will never lead you astray. Cancer: The past year and a half have been focused on self growth and inner awareness. You have been learning and growing by leaps and bounds- though it hasn't been easy.

Much of your growth has come by removing veils of illusion. Relationships have brought changes and transformations, pain and release. March brings a shift in focus as Rahu moves to your 12th house of spiritual, ancestral and foreign travels. Marriage and partnerships get your attention and may require some trouble shooting.

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